First International Conference
Globalization: business, finance and education

22-23.08.2011, Varna, Bulgaria

Due to popular demand paper submission date has been extended until 30 July 2011.
Hoping to hear from you soon, and meet you in Bulgaria.


About the conference
Conference programme
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Important dates
About the conference
Conf. Programme
Abstr. submission Importatnt dates
Accommodation Contacts
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"Globalization: business, finance and education" is an international conference which brings together academics and professionals in business and economy.
Scientific committee: P. Stoynov, V. Stoyanova, T. Ignatov, B. Ruseva, B. Konstantinov.

21.08.2011: Accomodation and registration
FREDERICK JOLIOT CURIE HOTEL (St. Konstantine and Helena)
All particpants who do not have a reservation arranged in advance, including participants from Iran, will be accomodated at "Frederick Joliot Curie" hotel, St. Konstantine and Helena resort, near Sunny Day Co. They will be served at the reception of the hotel.

22.08.2011: Parallel conference sessions
10.30-11.45 - Registration, MARINA HOTEL
11.45-12.00 - Opening, MADARA HALL, MARINA HOTEL
12.00-12.30 - A. Iranbakhsh, S. Seyyedrezaei. Islamic Azad University: A True Practical Manifestation of Globalization in Education
12.30-13.00 - Lunch break (lunch is not included in conference fee)
13.00-13.15 K. Rahmani, M. Mali, S. Rahmani, J. Fayyazi. Presenting a model for expressing the structural weaknesses and appearing conflicts in the task structures
13.15-13.30 A. Niavand, M. Mali. Design and Explain the Strategic Planning Pattern of Engineers Mobilization Organization with Entrepreneurship Approach
13.30-13.45 F. Man, C. Iyem. Human Resource of Superstores: Labour Process or Working Conditions of Superstore Employees and a Case from Turkey
13.45-14.00 F. Scalera. Internationalisation Strategies in the Automotive Sector.The PSA Peugeot Citroen and Fiat Auto Groups: a Comparison between the two Models
14.00-14.15 M. Borza. Pillars of Sustainable Development: Economic Education and Corporate Social Responsibility
14.15-14.30 A. Roman, A. Sargu. The particularities of the business environment from the Central and Eastern European Union member countries and the implications of the current global economic crisis
14.30-14.45 K. Qureshi, M. Yousuf, S. Ryaz. Automated Business for Globalization
14.45-15.00 A. Papp-Vary. Usual Country of Origin versus Proud Made-In: Examples and Perspectives from the Vodka Industry
15.00-15.15 H. Torabi, M. Mali, F. Mali, M. Hosseini. Marketing Mix Factors analyzed the effects on consumer behavior valve mechanism; Case Study: GORGAN of Iran
15.15-15.30 M. Serban, M. Valeria. Business risk audit: literature synthesis
15.30-15.45 D. Boyadzhiev, D. Dimitrova. Portal RICK – a tool for describing teacher education resources
15.45-16.00 E. Erdogan. The role of European work councils in building collective European identity and effects of them on restructuring process
16.00-16.15 N. Debab. Determinants and Impact of FDI on Bahrain’s Economy
16.15-16.30 N. Debab. Effect of trade liberalization on domestic prices: Some evidence from GCC region
16.30-17.00 - Coffee break
17.00-17.15 M. Nezamabad, M. Gorji, J. Sadeghipanah, E. Vahedi. A Review of the Impact and Benefits of Internet on Marketing Practice
17.15-17.30 S. Slajeqeh, R. Samiee. Examining the relationship between Organizational Systems and Entrepreneurship corporate development
17.30-17.45 E. Abounoori, D. Asgarizadeh. The Relationship between Globalization and Economic Growth
17.45-18.00 R. Bagherzadeh, A. Tabarsa. The Role of Globalization in the Communication Management in Civil Engineering Project
18.00-18.15 S. Gerdhe. New Configurations of Life inWorkplace
18.15-18.30. M. Pourkiani, R. Samiee. Examining the relationship between Contextual Dimensions of Organization and Entrepreneurship corporate development
18.30-18.45 S. Iranzadeh, F. Chakherlouy. Investigating the Effect of Using Information Technology on Occupational Empowering of the Employees
18.45-19.00 A. Tabarsa, R. Bagherzadeh. The Investigation of the Effects of Globalization on the Application of world Standards on the Promotion of Management Quality in Civil Engineering Projects
13.00-13.15 M. Dawabsheh, A. Allah. Total Quality Management
13.15-13.30 C. Panzaru. Sustainability of the Social Security System in Romania
13.30-13.45 A. Aminian. Informative Content Intellectual Capital Details Over Market Values Research
13.45-14.00 A. Sharma. Corporal resposibility of a social entrepreneur
14.00-14.15 A. Sarani, R. Norouzi, B. Khandoozi. An Investigation of the relation between Core values of Company and decision making of investors in Tehran Stock Exchange
14.15-14.30 D. Krumane. Influence of Brand Communication Management to Competitiveness of the SC “Latvijas Krajbanka”
14.30-14.45 H. Ono, M. Hayashida. Turnover tax and stock return volatility: recent experiences from Asia-Pacific countries
14.45-15.00 S. Shahroudi. Prioritization of the Effective Factors in the Efficiency of Budgeting
15.00-15.15 S. Tabari, V. Mojtahedzadeh, S. Khaksari. An Empirical Research on Levarage and Stock Returns in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)
15.15-15.30 L. Rani. A Study on Dynamic Relationship Between Indian and Singapore Stock Markets
15.30-15.45 R. Tabar. Inspection of the camel model on profitability of Iranian banking system
15.45-16.00 D. Belingher, N. Moroianu. The globalization of financial news and their impact on the financial markets
16.00-16.15 J. Biabani, M. Semirumi. Price Bubbles and Economic Policies, with Some Historical Evidences
16.15-16.30 C. Necula. How to calculate the quality costs using the ABC method in terms of applying TQM
16.30-17.00 Coffee break
17.00-17.15 Ch. Anaere. Effects of Corruption on Bank Lending: Evidence From Sub-Saharan Africa
17.15-17.30 D. Chirlesan, B. Ilut. Challenges for the new European Union member states banking sectors in the context of European integration
17.30-17.45 E. Vangjeli, S. Stillo. Analysis of the efficiency and evaluation of Active Labor Market Policies in Albania
17.45-18.00 F. Azma, R. Gonabadi. Relationship Between Knowledge Management and Personnel’s Performance in International Exhibitions in Iran
18.00-18.15 H. Taghizadeh, A. Zeinalzadeh. Identification of Improvement Barriers for Product Value (Case Study)
18.15-18.30 R. Tabar. Presentation of a new paradigm of human resources development in Shoushtar city
18.30-18.45 D. Bodislav. The internet: source for the globalization of the market of goods and services
18.45-19.00 A. Sahaym, K. Steensma, L. Trevino. The Influence of Managerial Discretion, Innovation and Uncertainty on Export Intensity: A Real Options Perspective
19.00-19.15 H. Esfeden. Globalization and the Importance of Dialogue in Ferdowsi`s Shahname
13.00-13.15 A. Mancka. The influence of the macroeconomic factors on the level of the credit risk. An statistical case
13.15-13.30 Z. Al-Ahmad. Testing the Weak Form Efficiency of the Damascus Securities Exchange
13.30-13.45 H. Erturk, H. Ozkurkculer, M. Ceran. The Effect of The Use of Information Technologies in Enterprices to Organizational Performance: An Application in The Banking Sector
13.45-14.00 H. Erturk, H. Ozkurkculer, M. Ceran. TThe Importance of Logistic Villages in Increasing International Trade: The Case of Turkey-Bulgaria
Performance: An Application in The Banking Sector
14.00-14.15 P. Saeidi, M. Mesgari. Globalization and Developing Strategies in Iran
14.15-14.30 A. Tabarsa, R. Bagherzadeh. The Investigation of the Effects of Globalization on the Application of world Standards on the Promotion of Management Quality in Civil Engineering Projects
14.30-14.45 J. Kantor. Double Entry Accounting a la Luca Pacioli
14.45-15.00 S. Dangolani. The Effect of Globalization on the Agriculture: The Application of No-tillage Method
15.00-15.15 A. Mazidi. The role of organizational Culture in the Improvement of Organization Management with Globalization Perspective
15.15-15.30 A. Abdollahi, S. Katooli. Globalization and challenges of E-learning in the era of information technology
15.30-15.45 F. Nooraie, G. Barani. Evaluating Quality of Services in Islamic Azad University of Aliabad Katoul Using Servqual Model
15.45-16.00 A. Talarposhti, S. Seyyedrezaei. Postmodernism of Globalization in Nathaniel Hawthorn's the Scarlet Letter and Young Goodman Brown
16.00-16.15 A. Jamshidi, M. Rezaeian. Globalization: The Changing Face of Education
16.15-16.30 S. Seyyedrezaei, A. Iranbakhsh. Intercultural Communicative Speakers: The Indispensable Need and Result of Globalization
16.30-17.00 Coffee break
17.00-17.15 E. Dehroye. Globalization's Impact on Accounting Education and Accounting systems
17.15-17.30 E. Abbasi , H. Gholiyan. Assessment of the university services quality from view of students based on SERVPERF and HEDPERF Models
17.30-17.45 A. Henrico. Conceptualising higher order thinking skills
17.45-18.00 Z. Seyyedrezaie, M. Seyyedrezaie. The indispensable necessity of online/distance learning in education in globalized world
18.00-18.15 L. Martinez-Solano. Complex and Open Innovation Process: Representation and Analysis of its key Networking Actors
18.15-18.30 H. Esfeden. Globalization and the Importance of Dialogue in Ferdoosi`s Shahnameh
18.30-18.45 A. Ashrafi. The Relationship between stress and Performance
18.45-19.00 G. Jorjafki. The relationship between organizational climate and Job satisfaction.
19.00-19.15 S. Ghadikola. The review of leadership style role on the performance and motivation.

20.30-24.00 - Welcome party. Frederick Joliot Curie Hotel.

Morning: Sessions in Frederick Joliot Curie halls: Late papers of GB-2011 (not announced in sessions of 22.08.2011). Early session for FAM-2011.

Afternoon: Ecscursion.

Evening: Galla dinner - MARINA HOTEL (optional).
24.08.2011: Departure

Registration should be made by 10 of May 2011 by sending e-mail to
The mail should contain the following data:
Name of the conference.
Name of the participant.
Date of arrival:
Day of departure:
Accomodation preferences: Dates for reservation; single, double room, studio or apartment.
Scanned document for registration fee payed. Registration fee is 130 EURO for regular participant (with presentation), 100 EURO for students and 85 EURO guest-participants (without presentation) and should be paid by bank transfer to the following bank account:

UBB Sofia,
IBAN: BG55UBBS80024400063119
The fee includes: conference attendance, conference materials, coffee-breaks, welcome party, excursion.
There is a possibility the fee to be paid after the registration deadline and even on site (late registration fee). In this case, it is 210 EURO for regular participant (with presentation), 150 EURO for students (with presentation) and 125 EURO for guest-participants (without presentation).
There is also an optional gala dinner for which an additional payment of 15 EURO must be added to the registration fee.

Abstract should be sent by 5 of May 2011 as an attached file in a mail sent to The mail should contain your name, the name of the conference you are applying for, and the name of the abstract.
The topics covered are: Economy, business, education, management, marketing, public administration, policy, culture.
You will be notified by e-mail if your abstract is approved for the conference. In this case, you must send a registration mail with information indicated in the above section.

The papers accepted for presentation will be published in conference proceedings by PSP Publishing Ltd.. A separate book of reviewed conference papers will be published by Peter Lang AG. Also, the conference papers will be submitted for review and publishing to the Annuary of Sofia University (ISSN 1331-8420) as well as to some ISI journals.

Abstract submission deadline: 5 of May 2011.
Registration deadline: 10 of May 2011.
Full paper submission deadline: 20 of July 2011.
Conference start: 22 of August 2011.
Conference end: 23 of August 2011.

The participants will be accomodated at hotel Marina, Sunny Day. A contemporary hotel with wonderful beachfront location and impressive panoramic vista of the Black Sea.

For contact use the e-mail: provides an accommodation price comparison search engine and is offering a 10% rebate all participants attending the conference. For further information on their conference rebate program and to claim your rebate directly please visit: You can start searching for your preferred hotel in Sofia here:

About the conference
Conf. Programme
Abstr. submission Importatnt dates
Accommodation Contacts